Explore Earth Matters

Health and Wellness

Physical, Mental, Life, Love, and Social well-being

Access to Education

Equal and Equitable opportunities for Learning

Food and Nutrition

Farming, Organics, Sustainable Practices, Toxins, Obesity

Clean Water

Availability, Access to clean drinking water, Conservation / Pollution

Hunger and Poverty

Food for the Poor, Life, Sustainable Farming, Education

Climate Change

Global Warming Effects from CO2: Agriculture, Transportation, Factories rise, hurricanes, drought, rising sea levels, Ozone layer

Extinction Events

Loss of Biodiversity, Asteroids, Contagions, Conflicts


Environment: Air, Land, Oceans, Space, Plastics, Batteries, Clean Air

Ocean Conservation

Coral Reefs, OverFishing, Pollution: Dead Zones, Extinctions

Contagions and Disease

Cancers, Viral Infections, Plagues, STDs, Pandemics

Addiction Recovery

Drugs, Food, Alcohol, Internet, Gaming, Relationships: Love

Land Conservation

Wildfires, Deserts, Sustainability: Forestry, Education

Disaster Relief

Conflict, Weather: Hurricanes, Droughts, Earthquakes, Sea Levels

Global Support

Humanitarian: Animal, People, Planet, Disaster Mitigation and Relief


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